Avalon Membership


Your family must first become a club member by purchasing an Avalon Summer Sports Club membership.  Club member families then pay annual dues.



- Annual dues are $75 per person ages 5 and older.

- A family will pay a maximum of $375 for members in a household.  

- Passes will be printed and will include the member's name and those in the household who are included in the paid memberships.

- Only those people living at the same address will be included in a membership; adult children not living at the same address will be required to purchase their own membership at $75 each, or they may pay guest fees when using the pool with a member. 

Members are responsible for paying their own dues, even if their membership is up for sale.  Any member who is delinquent in their dues will not have access to the facility.  If dues are not paid by the close of the season, the member stock is forfeited.

GRANDPARENT MEMBERSHIPS: Grandparents may elect to purchase a $75 membership and add their grandkids ($75 per child age 5 and over). Grandkids names will be added to your contact form in the office. 

Home associations are also eligible to receive a $25 check for fully paid Avalon new member referral(s).  The following associations are eligible:  Avalon Place, Lake Shores East, Lake Shores West, Winterset, Indian Village, Lakewood Park, and Southwood Park.








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