Member Info Cards: 

Check-in cards are now being used in the pool office. All members must check in at the office so that the pool staff may find their card. Please check the information on the card, and email the board president with any changes. This includes names of children who are part of the member's family and phone numbers for all members.

Pool Rental for Parties:

If you want to use the pool for a party, there are a few requirements. Members may host a party at the pool anytime by paying the guest fees of any nonmembers attending ($5/person or $15/family). If you wish to have the pool closed for a private party, the fee is $200. Nonmembers may use the pool for a party at a rate of $300, but they may not have the pool closed for a private party. Some limitations (like times and days for parties) apply - please contact the board president for details if you're interested in hosting a party.

Swim Lessons:

We are pleased to offer swim lessons for members and nonmembers of all ages. Lessons will be conducted by a lifeguard during pool operating hours and must be scheduled with him/her. The fee is $20/lesson. 5 lessons are included for a total of $100. The learner may use the pool for free the day of the lesson(s); other family members (if not pool members) would pay the applicable guest fee(s). Call the pool for details.

Children and Supervision: 

The pool staff members are not daycare workers; thus, all children, members and guests, must be accompanied by an adult at all times while at the pool. Children 12 and older may use the pool without an adult, at the discretion of the pool staff.

Guest Policy: 

Here are the Board policies regarding guests:

   (1) All guests must be accompanied by a dues-paying member the entire time they are at the pool.

      (a) The only exception to this rule is on Wednesdays and any other times designated by the Board.

   (2) Guests must sign in at the office and pay the guest fee every visit (even on Wednesdays).

   (3) Guests must adhere to the posted pool rules and are subject to ejection by the pool staff for repeated violations.

   (4) Children who are guests must meet the criteria described above regarding adult supervision and must be accompanied by a member when using the pool.

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